2nd Term Collective Bargaining Agreement Signed with DHL

Collective bargaining agreement negotiations between TÜMTİS and DHL Supply Chain has ended with the signing of the agreement. Despite the company’s arguments about downsizing, existing rights of our members were not compromised in the 2nd term agreement. Remunerations were increased above the inflation rate.


Our union has started the negotiations with general meetings with our members and with a solid, realistic CBA policy which protects existing rights. Our members were informed about every stage of the negotiation process with the employer. The new term agreement was signed with the approval of the majority of our members.

With the new CBA which covers the period between the dates of 01 January 2016 and 31 December 2017; wages and benefits were increased above the inflation rate.

The 2nd term agreement at DHL was signed with the participation of TÜMTİS President Kenan Öztürk, General Secretary Gürel Yılmaz, Treasurer Seyfi Erez, TÜMTİS head office management board member Muharrem Yıldırım, İstanbul 1st Branch President Ersin Türkmen, and Gebze Branch President Ali Rıza Atik. The employer side was represented by managers including Managing Director Orkun Saruhanoğlu and HR Director Sevilay Uçar.