An agreement was reached in the ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations with the international transportation and logistics company Kühne Nagel (Kühne+Nagel Nakliyat Ltd. Şti.).

This first term Collective Bargaining Agreement with Kühne Nagel signed at the meeting held in Istanbul on 08.12.2022 with the participation of our union’s Chairman Kenan Öztürk, General Secretary Gürel Yılmaz, General Education Secretary Ersin Türkmen and Branch Secretary Murat Küçükşahin, our union lawyer Oktay Durmaz and representing the employer side, Kühne Nagel’s General Manager Sinan Mutlu, Human Resources Director Bahattin Kelleci, Finance Director Begümhan Kurşunoğlu.

With this CBA, significant gains were achieved in terms of wages, social rights and job security.

Our union organized the CBA process together with its members. Member workers were informed about the developments and negotiations at every stage of the CBA negotiations. Our members’ participation in the process was ensured at every stage from the preparation of the CBA draft to its signing. At the meeting held with the participation of our Chairman, head office and branch managers at the last stage of the negotiations, almost all of our members expressed their opinion towards signing the contract and it was decided to sign the contract with the approval of our members.

The gains achieved with this first collective bargaining agreement signed in Kühne Nagel are as follows;

Salary and bonus earnings

– An increase was made in wages at the rate of minimum wage hike. The wages of union member workers will be increased at the rate of the increase of the minimum wage in case of an intermittent increase to the minimum wage be done during the CBA era.

– A bonus of 2 full salaries will be paid in the first and second years of the contract.

– A bonus of 2 full salaries will be paid retroactively to union member workers.

New rights in social articles

-With this CBA, new gains were achieved in social rights. Items such as fuel aid, marriage, birth and death benefits were included in the scope of CBA.

Within the scope of tuition aid;

*555.00 TL (net pay) for each child studying in pre-school and primary school,

*647.00 TL (net pay) for each child studying in secondary school,

*832,00 TL (net pay) for each child studying in high school and equivalent schools,

*1110.00 TL (net pay) will be paid for each child studying in faculties and colleges.

-Fuel aid will be paid as 1850,00 TL.

-Continuity, cold and frozen premiums were increased by 85 percent. Accordingly, the continuity premium will be 780 TL per month, the cold premium will be 750.00 TL and the frozen premium will be 1200.00 TL.

– For each working year, a monthly severance premium of 60.00 TL will be paid.

-Holiday aid amounted to 1000 TL net.

– Overtime wages will be paid with an increase of 60 percent.

– It has been ensured that wages will be paid as 3 daily wages on religious holidays and as 2 daily wages on national holidays and general holidays.

-New rights have been obtained for paid leaves.

-Giving a bank promotion was included in the scope of CBA.

Articles that include job security

– New gains regarding job security were achieved with this CBA. It has been decided with this CBA that a disciplinary committee cannot be formed without the union’s representatives and no workers can be dismissed without a decision of the disciplinary committee.

-Some of the subcontracted workers were recruited.

In our line of business, our struggle for the cargo, logistics and transportation workers (who lack job security, work at low wages and in non-union conditions) to join a union, to provide a working environment with job security and collective agreements, which will guarantee their economic and social rights, will continue uninterruptedly.

We wish the this CBA to be beneficial to all our members, especially to the Kühne Nagel workers.


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