The Sixth Term CBA negotiations, which we carried out on behalf of our 1300 members at the international cargo company UPS Cargo, which came to the stage of strike due to the failure to reach an agreement on wage increases, resulted in the signing of the contract.

The Sixth Term Collective Bargaining Agreement with UPS Cargo, was signed at the meeting held on 18.04.2023 with the participation of our Chairman Kenan Öztürk, General Secretary Muharrem Yıldırım, General Financial Secretary Seyfi Erez, General Education Secretary Ersin Türkmen, Gebze Branch President Ali Rıza Atik, Istanbul Branch and Gebze Branch managers, our lawyer Oktay Durmaz as well as our UPS Cargo workplaces representatives.

At the meeting, the employers’ side was represented by General Manager Engin Kolat, Human Resources Director Özge Yılancıoğlu Erol, Yanal Yolal, Kemal İpek, Management Consultant Yavuz Sarvan and attorney Mustafa Oktay.

Significant gains in wages and benefits

With the CBA, which we have successfully concluded, the wages of the member workers in the first year increase by 64 percent; along with social rights, a total increase of 80 percent was achieved. During the year, in case of a raise in the minimum wage, the wages will be increased at the rate of the increase in the minimum wage.

The second year wages will be increased by considering the annual inflation rate and the increase in the minimum wage, whichever is higher. If  the minimum wage is increased during the year, the second year wages will be increased at the rate of the minimum wage increase.

Seniority pay

In addition to the fees; the payment of 200 TL for those with up to 5 years seniority, 300 TL for those with up to 10 years of seniority and 400 TL for those with 10 years or more of seniority was signed with the CBA.

In the second year of the contract; a seniority increase of 60 TL will be applied for each year.

Bonus increases

With the signed CBA, the bonus payments were increased by 15 days in the first and second years and a total increase of 30 days was achieved.

Social rights

Significant increases were achieved in the articles containing social rights such as fuel, marriage, birth and education assistance. According to this;

Social rights were increased by 64 percent in the first year. In the second year, social rights will be increased at the rate of inflation.

It was decided to apply the meal fees as a net 110 TL for Istanbul and a net 100 TL for other provinces.

In addition, the payment of bank promotions to the employees within the framework of the contract to be made with the bank was signed with the CBA.

We lead the CBA process with our members

Our union continued the CBA process together with its members. Our members’ participation in the process was ensured at every stage from the preparation of the CBA draft to its signing. Member workers were informed about the meetings at every stage of the CBA negotiations.

At the last stage of the CBA negotiations, which reached the stage of strike due to the failure to reach an agreement on the wages, meetings were held with the participation of all our members, and the issue of signing the CBA or going on strike was put to the vote. As a result of the voting, it was decided to sign the CBA with the approval of 80 percent of our members.

In UPS Cargo, which is the only cargo company that works 5 days a week thanks to CBA signed, it was ensured that the wages were increased by 100 percent for the holiday work and 75 percent for the weekend work.

Despite the unfair competition of non-union cargo companies that employ workers 10-12 hours a day for very low wages, and the pressure they create on the workplaces we are organized, we have signed a successful CBA without any loss of rights for our members.

We wish the signed CBA to be beneficial to all cargo workers.

We call on transport workers to unite in our union

Our union will continue its struggle to protect and develop the economic and social rights of transport workers. We call on all cargo workers working in precarious and non-union conditions to unite in our union.