Our General President, Kenan Öztürk, and Company General Manager, Buket Öztuna Cox, were signing the CBA

We have successfully concluded the 6th Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations with DHL Logistics Services Inc.

With the CBA that we have achieved, which provides increases in wages ranging from a net salary of 73% to 85%, a 100% increase in social rights, and an increase in the number of bonuses, unionized workers have obtained the right to four bonuses per year for the first time in the largely unorganized logistics sector, marking a significant achievement.

The 6th Term Collective Bargaining Agreement with DHL Logistics was signed on February 2, 2024, in a meeting attended by representatives from our union, including our General President Kenan Öztürk, General Secretary Muharrem Yıldırım, General Financial Secretary Seyfi Erez, Istanbul Branch President Ersin Türkmen, and Branch Secretary Murat Küçükşahin, Gebze Branch President Ali Rıza Atik, and Branch Secretary Özgen Turan, along with all representatives from Istanbul and Gebze workplaces of Logistics Services Inc. Representing the employer at the meeting were General Manager Buket Öztuna Cox, Human Resources Director Bora Beşir, and Human Resources Manager Serkan Yardımcı.

Wage and bonus increases

In accordance with the signed CBA, wages for the first year will increase by rates ranging from 73% to 85% of the net salary. Second-year wages will be increased based on the minimum wage hike rate. Additionally, a seniority premium of 500 TL will be applied to second-year wages.

Four bonuses per year

The CBA provides a full salary increase to the existing bonuses of union member workers. Union member workers who received a bonus of 2 wages in the previous contract will now receive a bonus of 3 wages, while those who received a bonus of 3 wages in the previous contract will now receive a bonus of 4 wages. In conclusion, union members who have worked in DHL for less than 2 years will receive a bonus of 3 wages, and union members who have worked for more than two years will receive a bonus of 4 wages.

Other rights and gains under the CBA include:

-Household allowance, currently at 328 TL, has been increased to a net 800 TL. Household allowance is going to be paid monthly.

-Social benefits, including allowance for fuel, childbirth, death, marriage, and education, have been increased by 100%. Accordingly, fuel allowance will be 4580 TL, childbirth allowance 2630 TL, and marriage allowance will be 9300 TL.

-Education allowance will be applied as follows: 1340 TL for each child in preschool and primary school, 1580 TL for middle school, 1980 TL for high school, and 2640 TL for university.

-Holiday bonuses have been increased. Thus, the bonus for Ramadan will be paid at a rate of 134%.

-Meal allowance have been increased by 129%.

-Overtime work (weekdays) has been increased by 70%.

-The travel cost of drivers has been increased by an average of 104%.

-An additional day has been added to the annual leave entitlements under the CBA.

We have continued the CBA process with our members.

We have been with our members at every stage of the CBA process, from drafting to signing the agreement. We informed our members about the negotiations, evaluated the employer’s final offer together in meetings, and ultimately decided to sign the collective labor agreement with the approval of 88% of our members.

We hope that the Collective Bargaining Agreement will be beneficial to all our members, especially DHL workers.

Our union will continue to fight to protect and improve the rights and interests of transportation and logistics workers, and we call on cargo/logistics and transportation workers who work for long periods without even being paid overtime, in unionless and insecure conditions, to unite in our union.

From the 6th Term CBA Meeting

Member meetings were held in depots and workplaces of DHL Logistics throughout Turkey with the participation of our General President, Central, and Branch Managers. During these meetings, the employer’s proposal was evaluated together, and with the approval of almost all members, the collective labor agreement was decided to be signed.
PHOTO ALBUM: Member Meetings in DHL Logistics Workplaces